When to wear it

This depends entirely on the condition the splint has been fitted for. It may be on full time, or it may only be required for particular activities. Your physiotherapist can clarify this further if you are not sure.


It is good to wash your splint about once a day - often more during the hot summer months or if you have been very physically active. The splint can be soaked, scrubbed, disinfected or deodorised! Cool soapy water is usually effective.



Your splint is completely waterproof. It is safe to wear while showering, bathing, washing dishes, and even swimming. Just make sure you dry it thoroughly afterwards.

Heat sensitive

Your splint will become soft and lose its shape at about 60 degrees C or above. This means it will not melt while you are wearing it, even in a really hot shower! Be careful what you do with the splint when it is not on your hand:

  • Do not leave it in the car on a sunny day

  • Do not dry with a hair-dryer

  • Do not wash in the dishwasher