Here you will find a number of media items for Flex Physio including an image gallery and a range of videos


Flex Physiotherapy Trailer

Who we are and what we do 
This short video covers everything Flex

How to Find Flex Physiotherapy

This video will help you find your way to Flex Physiotherapy

Click here to see more information on how to reach us

How to Apply a Sling

In this video the Flex team shows you how to apply a broad arm sling

Mallet Finger Injury

Safely removing, cleaning and re-applying a splint for a mallet finger injury

Click here for more information on splint care

"Skiers Thumb" - Clinical Testing

Ulnar collateral ligament injury of thumb MCP joint

"Open the Gate" Exercise

A short exercise tutorial video

Overhead Pulley Exercise

A short exercise tutorial video

Wrist Pain in New Mothers

Dequervains Tenosynovitis

TFCC Injuries

The Flex team take you through TFCC Injuries

Wrist Pain in New Mothers (Interview)

An Interview with our own Ian Dowley on DeQuervains Tenosynovitis