Our physiotherapists are committed to helping you manage your injury, pain or rehabilitation process as independently as possible. You can expect a typical treatment session to include:

  • Education about the nature of your condition and your body's healing processes

  • Any splinting, casting, bracing or taping you need

  • Hands-on physio techniques if needed to help stiff joints and tight muscles

  • Advice about managing your normal daily activities with your injury

  • Exercises to perform at home

At Flex Physiotherapy we are well aware that some hand and wrist pain disorders are actually referred pain from the neck or shoulder region. We have two therapists with Masters degrees, in Musculoskeletal and Sports Physiotherapy, with great expertise in assessing and treating these complex cases. We offer the most comprehensive 'upper quadrant' care in Perth - everything from your neck to your fingertip, treated by experts, all at one convenient location.