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What can I do about it? 
Firstly, find a local expert in wrist and hand problems, like the team at Flex Physiotherapy.  You should be examined thoroughly from your neck to your fingertips. As we mentioned, there are many other possible reasons you might have pins and needles or numbness in your hand. We have a much better chance of helping your symptoms if we can first identify the underlying cause! If your physio or doctor has not already examined the rest of your arm above the wrist, ask them about it. 
In most cases of carpal tunnel syndrome, the nerve is simply annoyed and irritated. There is no actual damage to the nerve, and it will tend to settle down once you modify the factors which are irritating it.  Your actual treatment will depend on your individual situation, but might include the use of a wrist splint, doing some exercises, and modifying some aggravating activities.  In cases that are more severe, or which fail to improve, a cortisone injection or surgery might be considered.


The American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons currently advises there is strong evidence for the use of immobilisation devices such as thermoplastic splints in the treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome. 
At Flex Physiotherapy we make custom-fitted thermoplastic splints. These splints are light-weight and completely waterproof, and are highly adjustable.  Your fingers and thumb are completely free, allowing you to get back doing what you love without the inconvenience of pain or tingling. 
One of the most effective methods of reducing your symptoms is to change how you do things. Your physiotherapist should be able to provide you with advice on sleeping positions, alternative methods of gripping and lifting objects, or strategies to use while you are at work.