Exercises for carpal tunnel syndrome  
Two useful exercise strategies should be tried if you have carpal tunnel syndrome - some nerve gliding exercises to help desensitise the irritated Median Nerve, and some general strengthening of the muscles around your shoulder and elbow.  
Getting strong is a great long-term option.  The stronger your arm is, the more you can spread the load evenly throughout your entire arm, rather than overloading your wrists.  
For women who are pregnant or have just had a child, doing weights is usually safe (in fact, it is recommended!), but be sure to consult a health professional before you get started. 
Nerve gliding exercises can be performed several times a day, in sets of 5-10 movements, as long as there are no signs of increasing nerve irritation (more pins and needles or numbness).  Exercises for strengthening should not be performed more than once a day, and an occasional rest day is fine.

Median Nerve Gliding Exercise

  • Bend your elbow and wrist as you turn your neck to the opposite side
  • Straighten your elbow, turn your palm up and bend your wrist backwards as you look at  your hand
  •  Move to the point where you just feel a small increase inyoursymptomsor a mild stretch, then back away immediately